OMG, my co-worker told me that my other co-worker is in the process of getting a divorce. I got really excited because his marriage is very toxic. He overheard me say, "He deserves that divorce!" I meant it in a good way, but I don't think he took it that way. LOL!
oopsydaisy laughing about work on 2014-09-30 22:20:45
OMG, my Spanish teacher told me that the reason the girl I'm tutoring hasn't contacted me yet is because she emailed the teacher saying she didn't like my name, therefore she didn't want me to be her tutor. LOL!
Hi, I'm Heather laughing about random bullshit on 2014-09-30 22:05:15
OMG, I was taking a table's order. After I finished, the guy told me, "Just FYI, I'm not a tipper." Trying to lighten up the situation, I replied, "It's amazing how many people forget I handle their food." He complained to the manager that I'd threatened him. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about intimacy on 2014-09-30 19:42:30
OMG, my little sister decided it would be funny to bend my iPhone 6 like there's no tomorrow. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about kids on 2014-09-30 14:48:02
OMG, my hand was stung by a wasp. It has resulted in all my fingers being swollen and therefore much bigger than usual. I'm getting married tomorrow and there's no way I can get the ring on my finger. LOL!
Tampax laughing about health on 2014-09-30 14:46:54
OMG, I found out that when I asked my buddy to make sure my girlfriend was safe while I was abroad, he really did; he even used a condom. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about love on 2014-09-30 13:45:19
OMG, in a supermarket, my four-year-old son whispered to me if the checkout lady was able to wash between her fat rolls. She heard. LOL!
super maman laughing about kids on 2014-09-29 23:08:47
OMG, I was flipping out because I couldn't find my wallet, and after several hours of cussing myself out, I went downstairs to make breakfast. I poured cereal into my bowl and my wallet flopped out with the Honey Nut Cheerios. I need to stop drinking. LOL!
KasSmoke laughing about random bullshit on 2014-09-29 22:13:31
OMG, same as every other night, I sat in my car outside my home, just to avoid going inside. I live alone. LOL!
inmycar laughing about love on 2014-09-29 18:04:52
OMG, on my first day of sailing practice, I managed to sit on a metal cleat. After being admitted to the ER, I was informed that I had two vaginal lacerations that needed surgery. The nurse tried to convince me it was my lucky day, because the hospital café was serving vanilla pudding. LOL!
anonymous laughing about health on 2014-09-29 15:39:53