OMG, I woke up to the sight of a dead fly on my bedside table, being eaten by a swarm of ants. I screamed so bad that my dad said he thought my sister was being murdered in my room. LOL!
liilii laughing about random bullshit on 2014-08-30 12:40:00
OMG, I saw a customer wandering around, looking confused. I went over and kindly asked if I could help him find anything. He said no, but that he'd help me find the teeth he'd knock out of my mouth if I didn't get lost. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about work on 2014-08-30 11:14:26
OMG, I learned that while other people drunk call their exes, I drunk adopt cats. Seven cats, to be exact. LOL!
cat lady laughing about animals on 2014-08-30 07:56:02
OMG, I was called in over speakers at the airport. The man who was speaking clearly and nearly burst out laughing when he said my name. Soon, a few people around also snickered when they heard it. I had to wait five minutes before I could casually stand up. My last name is Bastard. LOL!
poorbastard laughing about random bullshit on 2014-08-30 04:35:49
OMG, I almost got lucky with the girl from my course, We've been flirting since we met. After removing her top and proceeding to move downwards with my tongue. Whilst moaning my name she decides to mention she has a boyfriend and that we needed to stop. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about intimacy on 2014-08-30 02:44:09
OMG, my 8 year old son asked me why he had to make his bed everyday if he would just use it again. I replied with, "You flush the toilet even though you're going to use it again, right?" He said, "Good point." Now he's not making his bed or flushing the toilet. LOL!
sam_666777 laughing about kids on 2014-08-29 22:54:40
OMG, my little sister was using my phone to play games. About an hour later, she came to me and said my phone wouldn't work. Turns out my phone had gotten hot and she put it in water to cool it down. LOL!
Quincy_Ethan laughing about kids on 2014-08-29 17:22:43
OMG, I got a job. My parents have decided it's now a better idea to take money from my paycheck instead of grounding me. LOL!
employed laughing about money on 2014-08-29 17:21:03
OMG, I walked in on my dad giving my mom a striptease. LOL!
SCARRED laughing about intimacy on 2014-08-29 16:15:08
OMG, it was my great aunt's funeral. We all had to wait two hours for the service to begin, because they forgot to dig the grave. LOL!
abbshows laughing about random bullshit on 2014-08-29 14:54:10