OMG, I told my boyfriend that I love him. He replied, dead serious, "That's nice and all, but anal speaks louder than words." LOL!
not impressed laughing about intimacy on 2015-10-09 14:27:12
OMG, while having lunch with my grandparents, my grandpa's eyes glazed over, his head fell and he slumped in his chair. I started panicking and almost cried, thinking he was dead. Then he laughed and said "Just kidding. I'm fine." LOL!
Anonymous laughing about random bullshit on 2015-10-09 14:02:11
OMG, I found out that what I thought was "acne" is actually an allergic reaction to a cream I've been using for years. I thought the cream was helping me with the breakouts but my doctor says the real acne probably went away naturally years ago. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about health on 2015-10-09 13:34:36
OMG, I went in for an interview for my first ever job. Just seconds after meeting the boss, I slipped on the linoleum floor. I was wearing a skirt. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about work on 2015-10-09 12:58:40
OMG, my sister stole my expensive new shampoo and used the whole bottle on her new kitten. LOL!
Starksrule laughing about random bullshit on 2015-10-09 09:45:19
OMG, I had to choke back tears as my cockslap of a brother brutally mocked me for being a 25-year-old loser who's never been kissed by a girl, while at 14 he's already lost his virginity. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about kids on 2015-10-09 05:06:44
OMG, during dinner with my wife's family, my daughter suddenly yelled, "DADDY TICKLES MOMMY'S BUM BUM!" I don't think I've ever received dirtier glares in my life. LOL!
shh laughing about kids on 2015-10-09 03:06:13
OMG, I witnessed a man die from a heart attack. When I told my dad later, he said "Lose some weight or you'll be next." LOL!
Annienomous laughing about random bullshit on 2015-10-09 02:44:23
OMG, at age 27, I went to pick up the girl I like for my first ever date. Her brother answered the door with a baseball bat, said the date was off and threatened to smash my kneecaps to pieces if I ever came back. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about love on 2015-10-09 02:39:04
OMG, I learned that your crotch can just light up on the body scanner in the airport for no apparent reason; and when that happens, a thorough pat down of that area will be performed by a confused security officer. LOL!
Traveler laughing about random bullshit on 2015-10-08 22:06:52