OMG, I saw my grandfather on the train, with his cock out. LOL!
OhDearGodGrandad laughing about intimacy on 2016-02-07 12:59:16
OMG, for the seventh weekend in a row, I left my weekly visit with my long-distance boyfriend unsatisfied. Seems he enjoys getting shit-faced drunk more than he enjoys getting a boner. LOL!
noO laughing about intimacy on 2016-02-07 12:43:16
OMG, the only thing that kept me hard during sex with my wife was thinking about my own naked body. LOL!
weirdoe laughing about intimacy on 2016-02-07 04:17:04
OMG, while working third shift alone at a gas station, I had to deal with a crazy guy tripping balls and asking me if it was okay to bring a gun into the place. I don't get paid nearly enough for this. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about work on 2016-02-07 02:49:59
OMG, barely 2 hours into a 5 hour car ride home, my mom accidentally let slip that she's been cheating on my dad. I had to sit with the bitch in a diner for ages while my dad bawled his eyes out alone in the car. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about love on 2016-02-07 01:11:18
OMG, I found out that my university had not accepted the internship I did when I was in college. They placed me in the same bank I interned in, with the same bank manager that I flipped the middle finger at after finishing my internship. LOL!
FailingMyCourse laughing about work on 2016-02-06 22:36:23
OMG, my son called 911 because he needed help with his math homework. LOL!
FirstClassAirplaneFood laughing about kids on 2016-02-06 21:03:05
OMG, I was forced to get up in front of ten swim teams, including my own, and a hundred spectators to swim 100 yards with an obvious boner sticking out of my suit. LOL!
notagoodtime laughing about intimacy on 2016-02-06 15:52:51
OMG, after a snowstorm my son decided that boarding off the roof onto my truck would be fun. My truck now has a puncture wound. The same truck that drove him to the hospital for his puncture wound and broken arm. LOL!
Anonymous laughing about health on 2016-02-06 06:56:45
OMG, I heard a noise in my garage so I grabbed a baseball bat and went to look. The skunk I stirred was actually better armed than me. LOL!
moosemay laughing about animals on 2016-02-06 06:42:02